Team Numbers and Game Time Policy

Parkside Junior Football Club: Team Numbers and Game Time Policy

The PJFC Philosophy is to encourage and provide each and every one of our players with equal opportunities to develop their football skills and love for the game. This policy has the clear aim of supporting our current club focus of 'retention and development', to ensure all players share a positive experience at the football club and return year after year.

It is important for all stakeholders to understand that winning Premierships and Lightning Carnivals is not more important than our club philosophy. Our policy needs to be read in conjunction with the PJFC policies to ensure compliance.

Number of players per team To maximise the number of players participating, and the amount of game time that each player plays, PJFC (along with many other clubs in the YJFL) has determined that 24 players is the optimum number of players in any team to allow for injuries, illness and unavailability.

In 2020, we have increased our player cap per team to 30 for Under 11 teams and below. Under 12 and above will be allowed new registrations only if the team has 23 or less registered players.

Number of teams per age group policy Unlike many other clubs, PJFC has maintained a "one team per age group" policy since its inception to ensure that we operate consistently with our philosophy and are mindful of our limited resources (in particular, our single oval). PJFC's focus for 2019-2021 is to continue growing our female participation rather than introducing additional boys teams in the same age group. By 2022 we aim to have an equal number of girls and boys teams after which this policy will be reassessed.

Game time policy Game structure: Zoned Each player will play a minimum of 3 quarters, (excluding injury or suspension) with coaches to have pre-organised rotations, including rotations through the 3 sections on the ground. (NB: This includes Lightning Carnivals) Rationale: One of the key curriculum focuses at 8's–10's is to develop positional sense for all positions on the ground. Children should be exposed to a range of positions and be given equal opportunity to play a range of roles. Game structure: Unzoned Each player will play a minimum of 3 quarters, with players playing positions at the coach's discretion. Coaches may choose to run rotations throughout the quarter, but must ensure over the course of the season a players average game time is 3 quarters. Rationale: Whilst priority and preference may be given to players attending training consistently, players still need equal opportunity to develop their game sense and understanding of a range of positions